Our History Is a 30-Year Journey in International Trade

Discover the values that drive us in every project we undertake to help growth in global market

Changing Times

In these times of changing and challenges in the global market, we understand the worries that keep you up at night. The new post-Brexit customs regulations and complex bureaucratic procedures may seem like a labyrinth of uncertainty. Unexpected delays in the supply chain can affect your efficiency, and costs can rise, causing frustration. Fluctuations in exchange rates, swinging like a wayward compass, add further complexity to your international transactions.

Competing in a Fierce Global Market

In a world where global competition is fierce and consumer preferences change rapidly, finding your commercial space in new markets can be a significant challenge, especially in Latin America.

But you don’t have to face these challenges alone. We, at Expandimp, a reliable and experienced partner, understand your concerns and are here to help you overcome the obstacles.

A Beacon in the Storm

We are an oasis of experience and support in the midst of the global market storm. Our expertise and knowledge provide you with the confidence you need to face the challenges of the global business with determination.

Remember that we are here to guide you in this adventure, help you navigate the turbulent waters, and turn obstacles into opportunities.

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Bringing Solutions to Foster Your Growth in Global Market

Growth in global marketCustoms Simplification: Our experience with post-Brexit regulations and customs procedures allows us to smooth the path, eliminating complexities and reducing supply chain delays.

Stability in Exchange Rates: We help you mitigate currency risks and manage exchange rate fluctuations, so you can budget with confidence and anticipate costs.

Strategies for Growth in Global Market: We work with you to find your competitive advantage in the market, adapting your approach to changing global consumer preferences.

Expanding into New Markets: We identify growth opportunities in international markets and guide you through effective market entry, reducing risks and maximizing potential.

Comprehensive Management: Our approach is to integrate as your international department. From logistics to global marketing strategy, we take care of the details so you can focus on growing your business.

What Sets Expandimp Apart

What makes Expandimp stand out from the competition is our unique combination of experience, personalized focus, and commitment to our clients’ success in the growth in global market. With over 30 years of experience in international trade, our manager, Jesús Sanfeliu, brings deep knowledge and a global network that is hard to match.

We don’t apply generic solutions; instead, we work closely with each client to understand their specific needs and goals.

10 Advantages of Working with Expandimp

(1) Proven Experience:

Proven Experience: Over 30 years of experience in international trade back our knowledge and success in the field.

(2) Specialization in International Trade:

Specialization in International Trade: We focus exclusively on international trade, making us experts in the field.

(3) Customs Procedure Simplification:

Customs Procedure Simplification: We eliminate complications and supply chain delays by dealing with customs regulations.

(4) Exchange Rate Stability:

Exchange Rate Stability: We help you manage and mitigate currency risks, enabling better budget planning.

(5) Access to New Markets:

Access to New Markets: We identify opportunities for growth in global market and guide you through effective entry strategies

(6) Comprehensive Management:

Comprehensive Management: We integrate as your international department, handling the details so you can focus on your business.

(7) Results-Oriented Approach:

Results-Oriented Approach: Our primary goal is to increase your sales and profitability in international trade.

(8) Global Network:

Global Network: We have an extensive network of contacts and commercial agents worldwide to facilitate your transactions, especially in the Latin world.

(9) Service Flexibility:

Service Flexibility: We adapt our services to your specific needs, giving you control over costs.

(10) Confidence and Security:

Confidence and Security: With Expandimp as your partner, you can confidently face the challenges of international trade, knowing you are backed by experts in the field.

This is the story of how Jesús Sanfeliu created Expandimp

Jesús Sanfeliu
Nerea Garces
Adrián Sanfeliu

The year was 1979, and my family was burdened with a mountain of debts. My father, an industrial engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, used to trade in various products, from belts to fans. But one day, a bold idea emerged: to manufacture 20,000 particleboard tablets decorated with laminates.

A Journey That Changed Our Lives

The proposal was to send them to ports in America, such as Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Miami, and Panama, and sell them in a few months to settle our debts. My mother, quite astute, suggested that we join the adventure. So, we embarked on a journey that would change our lives.

Our journey took us to Puerto Rico, where we spent most of our time. A client offered us space in his store to attach Puerto Rican postcards to the tablets. I often saw my father enter shops and leave, having sold 100 little pictures for a dollar each.

Impactful Memories

I fondly remember our days in Puerto Rico and the touching stories of our Cuban customers. One of the most impactful moments was hearing a Cuban restaurant owner recount how he lost everything in a single day, a result of the revolution.

In the Dominican Republic, I saw inequality up close when a child my age walked naked through the city. It was a poignant reminder of the different realities we can encounter around the world.

In Panama, we met a very proud customer. Nevertheless, he treated us exceptionally well, providing us with a car, a driver, and even allowing us to use a warehouse for our work.

And the Calling for Commerce

This journey marked my childhood. Experiencing cultural diversity, the need to work, and witnessing how little pictures were sold, shaped my character and taught me valuable life and trade lessons.

At the age of 20, I was finally able to make my first solo sale in Curaçao. Even though the customer was known to be challenging, I successfully closed the sale, a moment of achievement and pride that propelled me in my career.

Today, as the manager of Expandimp, I carry with me the lessons from that journey. International trade is exciting and challenging, and I’m here to guide our clients towards their own success.

Every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and triumph in this exciting world.

Our Clients Speak:

Vagabond (Mexico)

“Expandimp has been a fundamental partner for our international expansion. Their deep knowledge of foreign markets and dedication have allowed us to significantly increase our exports. Thanks for being our reliable ally in International Trade Consulting Department!”

Oller y Cia Ltd. (Chile)

“We partnered with Expandimp for exploring new markets, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Their strategic approach and market analysis have helped us conquer new territories and increase our global sales. They are true experts in international trade, especially in International Market Entry Strategies.”

Picheesecake (Spain)

“Expandimp helped us navigate the complex world of food imports. Their experience in international trade and ability to identify reliable suppliers have allowed us to offer high-quality products to our customers. We are grateful for their constant support.”

Moditelas (Mexico)

“We partnered with Expandimp for exploring new markets, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Their strategic approach and market analysis have helped us conquer new territories and increase our global sales. They are true experts in international trade, especially in International Market Entry Strategies.”

Hudabia Textiles (Pakistan)

“Expandimp was crucial for our entry into the Latin American market. Their experience and network of contacts opened doors that would have otherwise been inaccessible. Thanks to them, we are thriving in new markets and contributing to a more sustainable world through International Market Entry Strategies.”

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